All About Dental Implants

Implants are made of artificial titanium and can be placed inside the jaw to attach an artificial tooth. Implants replace the root of the tooth that may have been damaged.

You can choose between individual or bridge dental fixes. Implants aren't connected to neighboring teeth and can be used for one tooth only. Multiple implants can be bridged to fit dentures. After the implants have been inserted, the crowns are placed over the implants.

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Implant surgery can make a significant difference in the life of the patient. Implants can restore the smiles of most people who have lost their teeth. Implanted teeth don't cause any difficulties in chewing or biting, and in most cases, there is no difference in appearance to natural or original teeth.

There are three main types of dental implants available: artificial bone substitute implants, endosteal implants, and sub-periosteal. Artificial bone substitute implants are made from a calcium substitute and fit over the jawbone. 

Endosteal implants replace the dental root by being inserted into the jaw. For elderly people who are unable to wear dentures, subperiosteal implants are a specialized type of implants. Implants that are sub-periosteal are placed directly on top of the jaw bone.

It is important to take care of dental implants. They don't require special care as opposed to regular teeth. Regular flossing, brushing, and regular checkups will be sufficient.