Choose Productive Gift For Dementia Patients

You'll quickly realize that there's no point in explaining to people with dementia that you're going to help them get dressed, do their hair, and then take them out to lunch when communication breaks down. This will likely become too informational fairly quickly and can produce a number of unwanted emotions from sadness to fear.

Instead, try a slower approach with a larger bite size. You can start by choosing two dresses and start a conversation about how each one compliments her eyes, then mention how beautiful she looks in one of them and ask if she'd like to wear blue with green. 

By narrowing down your choice of which dress to wear, you are more likely to avoid being refused to wear it at all. Additionally, you've limited communication to an issue and eliminated the potential for negative reactions to information overload.You can aslo gift them to make them comfortable with you .You can also get incredible tips for choosing a gift for your loved one living with Alz at Gleam In Your Eye.

gifts for someone with dementia

You can easily imagine a similar procedure for the next step like straightening their hair, shoes, or even ordering at a restaurant. It's about approaching each required task in the same slow and loving way. No technique will always work and you shouldn't expect perfection. If you manage to wear her in a green dress, but she won't let you fix her hair – let her go. 

Treating dementia patients with the compassion and dignity they deserve is very important for their mental health.. Stepping away from the "big picture" allows us to see the smaller, perhaps more meaningful, moments of caring for loved ones. If you slow down and take a closer look, you'll find precious bits of love and joy in those little moments. If you take the time to find precious moments with your loved ones, you will have the greatest treasure of your life.