Creating the Perfect Cheese Platter

A cheese platter that is perfect is like a masterpiece. You don't just need to put cheese on a plate. Cheese tasting can be as delicate as wine testing. It takes a lot of love to put together a simple cheese platter. After going through the process of arranging a cheese platter, it was easy to put together and takes very little time.

There are three main types of cheese available on the market. You can also buy fresh cheese boards in Dubai. A cheese platter makes a great appetizer choice for any party, no matter what the occasion. 

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Cheese can be made from sheep, goat, or cow milk. Each type of cheese should be included on a platter. You should try to keep at least three to six varieties of cheese on your platter. 

To give you a variety of flavors and textures, they should be different in color, texture, and milk type. They should also complement each other well.

Cheese texture can range from soft and runny, semi-hard, or crumbly to hard. The taste can be mild, medium, or strong. There are many options for flavor and color. You can choose from gouda and cheddar, Parmesan and camembert as well as brie and herbal goat cheeses. 

You can garnish the platter with a variety of condiments. Nuts such as hazelnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, raisins, fresh seasonal fruits, like grapes and cherries, fresh figs, black olives, green olives, dates, or slices of meat can be scattered on the platter. 

Without wine, any discussion about cheese would be incomplete. There are so many types of cheese that it is logical to have two types of wine. Champagne can be served with a red wine of medium body.