Dead Sea Products – Mineral Care Cosmetics

The Dead Sea is known as a source of healing and therapy for those suffering from various skin problems. Many people come every year to bathe in the Dead Sea's mineral water, which consists of very high concentrations of salts and minerals.

The water ingredients of the Dead Sea are a true natural wonder and are considered by many dermatologists to be one of the best natural healing springs. You can get the dead sea products online from various web sources.

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The secret of the Dead Sea lies in the extremely high concentration of minerals; it is the highest concentration of minerals on earth – 31.5%. 

The Dead Sea is:

  • The lowest place on earth at 420 meters below sea level.

  • The Dead Sea has its unique climate, 15% of the additional oxygen in the Dead Sea reaches your brain in dry and moist air, allowing you to breathe like anywhere else.

  • The Dead Sea has the sunniest days of the year.

  • The Dead Sea is the saltiest and mineral-rich sea in the world.

  • The Dead Sea allows you to sail – so you can never sink.

  • The Dead Sea has amazing mineral black mud which is best for your skin.

The Dead Sea is used as a bath for health and beauty rehabilitation. It has many beauty centers, spas, and mineral pools where patients can relax and heal their skin problems and achieve mental relaxation.