Get The Best UV Gel Manicures

The traditional acrylic and plastic manicures that people associate with the term have been replaced by manicures. Over the past decades, manicures have evolved to include more than just acrylic nails that can damage your natural nails and take hours to apply.  Gel manicures are now extremely popular due to a number of well-defined reasons. It is much more cost-effective than traditional manicures. Acrylic is the main ingredient in traditional manicures. Acrylic is a harsh, drying, and smelly compound that can cause damage to your natural nails if it's used for a prolonged period. The LED nail lamp is what cures gel manicures.

Acrylic manicures at home are not possible for many people. The time and effort required to properly apply the polish are too much. Gel manicures at home are as simple as applying nail polish with any other formula. Gel manicures don't require special filing. Anyone can apply one at their home using an LED lamp to cure and set the manicure. If you're looking to buy or use an LED nail curing lamp at home, there are some rules you need to follow. It is important to understand that power and wattage can make a big difference in the look of your manicure. You can also get it done professionally. If you want to know about the gel manicure cost, then you can browse the web.


Gel manicures should be dried for at least three minutes using an approved LED nail curing light. To ensure that your nail sets properly, the lamp must be strong enough and wattage sufficient. For example, you cannot just set your nail in the sun. The light must be focused and sustained in order for the nail to set properly. This is why you should protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. To prevent skin damage, you should only dry your nails and apply sunscreen or another protection to your hands.