Help With Cheers, Stunts, And Formations

The first thing to decide is whether you would prefer a brief song or a longer floor cheer. If you choose to opt for floor cheer, then you need to pick one that has the use of a stunt.

After you have chanted and then you're ready to choose the action, if one. This decision is contingent on the style and level of your group. You can take stunt training classes also through

My girls tend to prefer fulls and preps. These are solid stunts that can be altered to look different. One of our most unusual actions is our "helicopter." It's also known as"flat back." It's when four girls with a back base, two side bases, as well as the front base, keep the flier high above their heads while lying in a flat position on her back. This is why they get flatbacks.

There are a variety of stunts that can be performed. You can do them at the beginning or midway, towards the final, or throughout the entire cheer. In our helicopter, we started to start at the top. This is the perfect way to mix things up. The crowd is awestruck! It grabs their attention and keeps them engaged throughout the remainder of the cheer.

Another option is to do an illusion that is in mid-air. If you can do it, you'll be a success! Be aware that since it's a longer cheer be sure that your girls are prepared to take the floor when the sound of the buzzer sounds. An act after this cheer would be the most popular alternative.