The article today will be giving you a real taste and instance of what you can use for decorating and designing with the earth element. You can select the level and amount of the element you wish to bring into your living space with the help of the Feng Shui Earth Element.

Why consider adding earth elements to your design?

• It brings supportive energy into a space

• It invites supportive energy into your space

• It grounds and stabilizes energy

• It can boost the tai chi of a space and bring unity at home

Boosting ‘earth’ element areas of the Bagua

Today we have discussed a few decor ideas that can be implemented for boosting the area of the Bagua. The earth element is mainly associated with the centre or tai chi but is also the underlying energy for two other areas of Bagua, which is Kun and Gen. Gen is mainly for knowledge connected to the imagery of mountain and stillness. Kun or partnership is soft, receptive earth energy. These areas can be adjusted with the symbols and their respective colours.

Bringing in the earth element with design:

    • Earth element paint colour

Make use of the yellow colour along with the soft browns and sandy colours to bring the energy of the Earth into space. The chi of Earth is mainly stabilizing energy. In the example above, the yellow-painted risers are appealing visually along with being grounding. Add a touch of yellow at the centre of your home if it works for your decor and design. It is a great way in which you can boost the tai chi or the energetic centre of the Bagua that mainly represents the overall well-being. Look for the nice bright yellow colours for your home.

    • Earth element art and accessories

The easy and flexible way in which you can bring the five elements into a space is through accessorizing. You can select how much or how little you would wish to add by selecting a rug, a piece of art, or a toss pillow. Keep in mind that you would not have to paint the walls brown or yellow for adding the earth element energy into the space. There are ways in which you can implement artwork, add the toss and throw pillows to completely alter the simple white bedroom. Select a few soft, buttery yellow accessories to soothe frayed nerves that are responsible for promoting well-being.

    • Earth element – the real deal

Real Earth is the simple and the most straightforward way in which you can bring the earth element into space. You can use the soil in a potted plant with natural stones and crystals, which depicts the element greatly. Another great way to bring the natural energy of Earth to any spot of your home is the use of a Himalayan salt lamp. It would be combining the energy of fire and Earth along with cleansing the energy and air in your home. If you want to get the best feng shui earth element products available online, check out this website.