Why Do You Need Disability Insurance?

Employment disability insurance – also called disability insurance – can provide you with income to live on if you become temporarily or permanently disabled.

The need for disability insurance

Do you need disability insurance? If you depend on a salary to make a living, the simple answer is yes. You can also pop over to this website to know more details about disability insurance quotes.

Disability Insurance

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What are the types of disability insurance?

Different types of disability insurance – and what they are for

All disability policies are designed to pay you money if you become disabled. However, not all types of disabilities are created equal. There are several guides you can get:

Short term disability insurance

This policy, also called STD, is for temporary disability and is designed to replace 60-80% of your income in a short period: usually 3-6 months (and rarely more than a year) or until you can return to work.

Long term disability insurance

This type of policy, also called LTD, is designed to last for many years – until retirement (age 65, 67, or normal social security retirement age) if necessary – and replace 50-67 percent of your income for individual policies and approximately 40 – 60 percent of your income. percent for the long-term disability group if something happens and you can no longer work.

How does disability insurance work and what you should pay attention to in the policy

The basic concept of disability insurance is simple: if you get sick or injured and can't work, you can get benefits.