Unique Lighting For Your Home – Basket Chandelier

Basket Chandelier

Whether you are planning to redecorate your entire home, giving a room a makeover, or just updating a few fixtures to create a fresh look, it will transform your home into a magnificent space. Chandelier carefully situated crystal ceiling lights not only to lighten up a room but also to create a captivating centerpiece that’s impossible to ignore. Whether you favor the glamour or a Basket Chandelier, the proper lighting can make or break your décor, so it’s crucial to choose wisely.

The effect can be fascinating when adding lights with long shadows falling over the walls like branches. These unique light fittings are created from Norwegian deer antlers naturally shed at the end of the season, ensuring they are animal friendly.

You should take a closer look at a few of the trending chandelier lights, all guaranteed to delight, lighten and inspire:

Choose natural color schemes.

While decorating, consider natural colors, such as brown, greens, whites, and greys; these will all help to enhance the natural tones of a chandelier made from real deer antlers. Using a low sheen paint, as that will help give your room that much-desired finish to your homes.

You can create a simple, minimalist look using crisp white and muted grey painted walls for more modern or contemporary design home. Having blank canvas walls allows your beautifully chosen pieces, such as your antler chandelier, to shine – the natural colors of the deer antlers.

Wooden bedroom furniture

The magic of antler chandeliers is that it’s like bringing the outside inside. From woods beds to side tables and table lamps, adding wood tone to your room design is elegant.

For hunting, lodge chic opts for vintage leather sofas, warm earthy colored cushions and throws, dark woods, and plenty of cowhides and sheepskins. Consider lighter-colored woods or even white-washed wooden furniture for more modern settings.

Consider using more than one chandelier.

One antler chandelier may not be enough if you have a big room. Not only will the other chandeliers lighten your room, but they will help to balance the large expanse of ceiling or open, domed space. With options of 3-arm, 5-arm, and the more giant 8-arm chandeliers in both round and oval- we have the perfect antler chandelier to suit your room.

Think about the effect you wish to create

The options are endless. Once you’ve chosen your number and sized chandelier – there are then two different types of antlers to select. It’s worth considering the overall effect you’re after before making your purchase. Buy Basket Chandelier by https://www.burkedecor.com/products/basket-oval-chandelier-design-by-currey-company

Red antlers give a more dramatic effect, naturally pointy with a darker brown color and polished white tips. Large and impressive, red deer antlers are the kind you might spot

Fake it

You like the shape but might want something more modern, quirky, and fun. We also have faux antler metal antler chandeliers with playful, colorful shades—a great alternative to have Basket Chandelier, making lighting at a fraction of the cost.