Types Of Exhaust Clamps For Your Jeep

Are you one of those people who know only the basics of their jeep? How to start, brake, and accelerate? There are many more about your jeep or any other vehicle you should know. See both pipes at the back of your car? 

These are the visible part of the exhaust system. Yes, there is a bigger exhaust system there. You can also use the holden ve-vf collection in your jeep exhaust system for its deep performance.

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If you wonder what holds it there, that's what this article is about. This will let you know about your exhaust clamps.

Exhaust strip clamps

These are used to connect two exhaust pipes. It's a clamp designed to stretch around both pipes and create a seal. They are available in different sizes and designs. The one that has a block between the ends of the clips is easy to install. 

You will need to tighten the pliers until it locks on the blocks. If you look at the size of your pocket before buying a clamp, you may need to consider those with a sheet between the ends of the pliers. These are cheaper and also easy to install.

For big trucks, welding is preferable since it is stronger. It can cause holes in the exhaust system on the other hand, especially if the welding is not done correctly. 

U-shaped exhaust clamp

This clip is designed to bend the hose when tightened to create the seal. It is not advisable to use the U-Bolt clamps. This is because they break when they are removed and are not in good condition for reuse. Excess threading can be used to fast support after clamping the clamp for additional support.

V-band exhaust clip

This clamp is also commonly called Turbo clamp. Inside these bands are integrated inclined grooves. The grooves mix with the flange on the turbo housing and the flange on the exhaust pipe. 

There are different types of available V-band exhaust clamps in different designs. All you have to check is to make sure you have the right diameter that is the size of your exhaust tubes. If the diameter is right and the groove width, the bands will integrate perfectly.