About Catholic Schools In Cairns

Catholic schools are not just for kids from Catholic homes, they are for kids of all backgrounds! The Catholic faith is one that promotes love and inclusion for everyone, no matter what their beliefs may be.

That is why Catholic schools are so popular in Cairns – they offer a great educational program with a focus on the Catholic faith. You can find the best Christian private school in Cairns online.

catholic schools cairns

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What’s the Difference between an Anglican School and a Catholic School?

Anglican schools are registered with the government, and follow the curriculum set by the Australian Board of Education. Catholic schools are not regulated by the government, but instead by the Catholic Church. This can lead to a different approach to teaching religion, philosophy, mathematics, and other subjects.

Catholic schools typically have a higher enrolment than Anglican schools. This is because Catholic families tend to be more committed to their children’s education and are more likely to pay for a private school.

Catholic schools in Cairns offer a wider range of subjects than Anglican schools. This includes subjects such as theology, law, business, health, and social work, music, drama, and art.

Catholic schools in Cairns also have a stronger emphasis on character development and community service. This is partly because the Catholic Church believes that good character is essential for successful religious life.