Need Of An Ozone Therapy

In ozone therapy, ozone is applied to your body to treat wounds or diseases. Usually increases oxygen uptake to activate the immune system.

It is used to disinfect and treat disease, thereby limiting the effects of bacteria, viruses, protozoa or yeast. Ozone is basically colorless glass with 3 oxygen atoms. This therapy has been used for more than 150 years.

This helps infection or bacteria to grow and excrete infected cells.

Ozone is used to treat the following conditions:



Ozone reduces the risk and complications of diabetes caused by oxidative stress in the body. Because it brings fresh blood into the body and complications can be reduced and wounds heal easily.

Immune Diseases:

Ozone stimulates the immune system. Several older studies have shown that ozone therapy can completely inactivate the HIV virus. However, recently these studies have not included support for HIV-positive people, so further research is needed.

Respiratory disease:

People with respiratory diseases can be treated. By supplying the blood with oxygen, the treatment reduces the burden on the lungs.

Hyperbaric therapy is designed to overload the oxygen supply to body tissues that are ischemic or damaged due to limited oxygen supply. For tissue to live, its oxygen supply must be above normal in order for it to respond.

After therapy, the diffusion of oxygen in the blood plasma also increases and causes effects such as a reduction in the number of gas bubbles in the blood, healing of damaged tissue and an increase in the number of phagocytes, etc.