Air Gun Target Sport or Hobby

Air guns have been with us throughout history and the earliest period recorded of an air gun in use dates back to the 17th century.

The air guns were used to hunt deer and other smaller animals as a sport and the air that you need to propel the shot were obtained by using a pump to pump air into the reservoir and the velocity would be 600 to 1000 feet per second. You can also click over here to buy airsoft guns.

Unlike your matchlock muskets, the air rifle could be discharged in wet or dry weather. The air rifle unlike the black powder gun did not give off a column of smoke and in some instances, soldiers or those that knew how to operate the air gun were in the position to fire shots more rapidly and with less noise and without the telltale smoke that would give the position of the shooter away.

Throughout history air guns have advanced in technology and should you walk into a shop that is in the trade for selling air rifles; you would be astonished to find that the modern air rifles use gas cylinders for the air and you do not have to cock it as you would have with a normal BB gun.