Ways to Style a Blazer

Men's blazer- the single-breasted, black, grey, or navy garment- is that rare piece of clothing that goes with almost anything and adds effortless chic to everything it is paired with.

For most modern men today, the blazer is a versatile and indispensable item, fit for all occasions, from casual, smart-casual to office formal. You can also buy blazer for men online.

The blazer is also a garment that's been very less experimented with. Wearing a blazer the same way all the time can make the outfit monotonous. Blazers are mostly in dark, heavy colours, thus making them boring very easily if not styled differently. Here are five ways to style a blazer differently.

With a V-neck sweater

A lot of men pair a standard navy or grey blazer with a V-neck sweater for work every day. But without straying from your office dress code, it is possible to add a fashionable twist to your everyday work ensemble.

The easiest way to achieve this would be to add colour to the outfit. Choose the sweater in a bright colour like orange, olive, or teal. And the great thing is your blazer will look great with them all.

With a cardigan

It is very common to pair blazers with a cardigan. Men are used to wearing merino wool or jersey cardigan with a blazer, either for work or for other occasions. There's an easy way to add some flair to your outfit. Instead of a merino or jersey cardigan, wear your blazer with a knit, button-down cardigan for a chic, masculine look.

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