Is Mediation For Me? Five Things To Consider

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution and can be selected through spousal divorce rather than having their case heard in court. Mediation meetings usually take place outside of the presence of a lawyer.

However, after each session, the mediator usually issues a written summary of the results obtained, which can then be sent to each party's lawyer for review and presentation. You can also know more about court mediation online through

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When an agreement is reached on all matters, the parties will submit it to the Court for approval and inclusion in the divorce award.

Here are some reasons why mediation might be the right alternative for you:

1. Costs. Divorces often have the opportunity to start living on their own and can take months and sometimes even years depending on how controversial the circumstances are, costing parties tens of thousands of dollars.

Mediation is an economical way to solve problems because the parties are already committed to working towards a common goal and many jockeys who are commonplace in court divorce cases have been eliminated from the equation.

2. Control. When divorce proceedings are filed, the parties choose to surrender their fate to a stranger, a judge, who has to make a decision based on limited information offered during the process.

There's no one better than you to help decide what's best for you, your family, your children, the future, and more. Mediation gives participants constant control over their course of life. You can stay in the driver's seat through mediation.

3. Confidentiality. If the divorce is judicial, with few exceptions, it will be tried in court and free for public consumption. Intimate details of your life are revealed and considered by strangers, your income and wealth are discussed freely, and details of your children are revealed.

When you choose mediation, your privacy is protected. There will be many of the same discussions that could take place in the courtroom, but will only take place in closed sessions with your husband and mediator.