Features And Benefits Of Home EV Charge Points

One of the questions people often asks is why they need a home charger and what are the top features and benefits that they can bring.  We have listed below some of the benefits and perks that home chargers can bring to you.

While some public charging stations are free to use, they don't have the convenience of charging at home, you never know if they're available or working, and there's always the risk of waiting for someone else to finish charging before you can use them, moreover you might not have to leave the car.

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While you can charge your car from a standard 3-pin household socket, it's a very slow process. Using a standard household socket, it takes about 26 hours to charge your electric vehicle with a large-capacity battery.

The state-of-the-art 7kW unit will take the Nissan Leaf from rest to full load in about four hours, which is easy to achieve when charging at night or on weekdays.

Most home chargers are available in tethered and tethered versions, offering flexibility in choosing between convenience and practicality. Connected devices mean you can simply plug the other end of the cable into your car instead of having to unplug one every time you charge it. Unplugged devices mean more flexibility with the different types of cables available.