Whats the Difference Between Sugaring and Waxing?

Sugar is an organic way to remove hair using a sugar paste mixed with lemon juice and sugar. Sugar is a form of hair removal similar to a wax mask, but gentler on the skin and all-natural (just sugar, lemon juice, water, and glycerin).

What is a wax mask?

Waxing is an old way of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Some of the hallmarks of wax masks are their super-smooth results – effectively removing hair from the roots. You can have a peek at https://sucrebodysugaring.com/services/sugaring-services#arms-legs to get a sugaring leg wax service.

Our formula contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory found in the chamomile plant, to soothe the skin during treatment. Waxing is also fast and efficient, meaning that the area of the affected area can be lowered at once.

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Sugar versus Wax:

Sugar is an organic paste for those who prefer an organic, natural, gluten-free lifestyle. The wax removal offered in Face to Face is almost organic with a touch of aromatherapy of lavender, rosemary, and chamomile notes. 

Some do well with both techniques, while others can't even watch sugaring without exploding. Results are highly dependent on each individual and their specific skin type. Sugar is completely natural, which is great for people who may be allergic to certain ingredients or just want natural ingredients in their bodies. 

Sugar is also much less sticky than regular wax, so the redness and irritation that many people see with waxes aren't usually noticeable with sugar. You can also wash sugar with water, while wax may need to be washed off with a special detergent or natural oil.