Most Common Errors In Fitness Boxing Training

Have you purchased boxing equipment for home training? Good choice. Home fitness boxing is effective, free and fun.

However, as with any sport, to get good results and to be safe, you have to do it right.

Mistake 1 – Poor punching technique. Did you know that women hit better often than men? When men started my boxing class, many of them thought they could hit and try too hard. They do it and hit with bad technique.

A good shot is like a good shot for tennis or golf. He needs to have strength, speed and control. Pop up here for fitness instructor classes.

How to Do it Right – Start in a boxer position. Left foot forward (left can be opposite). Climb up on the balls of your feet, bend your legs slightly, your upper body, point them close to your face and swim like a butterfly and away.

Mistake 2 -Unremarkable treatment technique. Holding bad gloves creates a bad target for your boxers and increases the risk of injury for both partners.

How to do it – catch the punch, don't do it. As a glove holder, you summon the shot – left, right, left, etc. When you increase the quality, it's better to add top punch and hook photos.

Mistake 3 – Don't follow the format. Have you ever tried to spend in 3 minutes? This is almost impossible if you don't have air conditioning. Many people are constantly hitting without bends and not using the original combination. Your workouts are not going well and you will not maximize them. They will also burn quickly.

How To Do It Right – Buy The Kitchen / Kitchenette That Matters. Start with a minute or two of driving and then work your way up to 3 minutes. Use authentic combinations, but start simple.