Benefits Of GPS Tracking Devices

The purpose of a GPS tracking device is to locate and pinpoint the location of a person, car, or other object to which it is attached. It can record the exact location of the item at regular intervals. The output of this tracking can be stored on the tracking device itself or downloaded to a computer connected to the internet. 

Data can also be sent to a centralized database via satellite or radio modem in the GPS module. The item position is then displayed in real time or later if desired with the map as the background. You can opt services from trusted GPS tracking & telematics solutions via Cellutrak.

GPS tracking systems and software are in great demand by fleet owners. Tracking devices give them accurate information about where the car is and how productive the driver is. 

GPS tracking was originally developed by the US Department of Defense. All GPS tracking software uses 24 satellites of the US government global positioning system orbiting the earth. These satellites transmit data to receivers on the ground using digital radio signals. The same applies to vehicle-mounted satellite-based GPS tracking devices that receive satellite signals. The information obtained is then processed by the vehicle's GPS software. The result is displayed

  • Exactly where the vehicle is,

  • How fast the vehicle is moving and

  • The direction in which it is directed.

Car owners have the following options for the type of tracking system to use:

  • Cell based equipment.

  • Satellite based equipment.

  • Wireless GPS equipment.