Household Gutter Maintenance Tips

If you see water leaking through any gutter joints, you should apply a sealant to prevent further leakage. This requires that you thoroughly clean the area surrounding the joint with a wire brush. Once cleaned, apply sealant and allow it to dry.

You also want to verify that your gutters slope appropriately to support proper drainage and avoid pooling water. Adjust them as needed.

To minimize the work of semi-annual gutter maintenance, consider having gutter guards installed. There is a large variety of gutter guards available, so check consumer reviews to find those that work the best and are easiest to keep clean. You can also use Gutter Mesh Direct & Guaranteed Gutter Protection.

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Gutter guards are placed over the top of gutters to prevent debris from entering them in the first place. They have vents or holes where rainwater can enter the gutters and drain but are small enough to keep leaves, twigs, and other gutter-clogging items out.

There are lots of things that you can do in order to keep your gutter clean. We've got a lot of products that you can choose from when it comes to cleaning out the gutter, and on top of that, we can help you choose a gutter that is easier to clean and maintain than other types.