Common Issues With Hot Water Heaters

If you live in a house for several years, you will find that several machines at your home have a problem. When you enter your bathroom for a hot shower, you could be disappointed because the hot water heater from the bathroom does not work.

There are several reasons why the hot water heater from the bathroom does not work. However, these problems in the machine can be avoided if you take steps to keep your water heater. 

At times, Preventing maintenance can be done by homeowners and other times you may have to call a plumber. Blue horizon plumbing and gas have skilled and knowledgeable plumbers that are famous for their emergency services.

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There are some common problems that you can face when you have a hot water heater in your home. The most common problems many homeowners face include problems in the pilot light and the electric igniter. 

Before switching on the machine, make sure you check whether there is oil or gas in the engine. Also, check if you have not turned off the fuel valve connected to the machine.

If you do not get hot water even after the fuel valve connected to the machine is turned on, you should contact your service provider to change the electric igniter or the thermocouples. 

Problems in the electric igniter and thermocouple usually happen when they are older and exposed to dirty oil. If the heating coil machines burn frequently, it could be due to a leak in the water tank. To replace an oil heating element you have to call a plumber or service personnel.