When You Can Apply Visa For UK

It is recommended to apply for a visa at least three (3) months prior to the date of your travel to the UK. According to the standard service of UK Embassy processing the visa, all visa non-settlement being processed one hundred (100%) percent within twelve (12) weeks, ninety-eight (98%) within six (6) weeks and (90%) within three (3) weeks. Therefore, visitors to the UK visa will definitely be processed within 12 weeks or three months calculated from the time the application is filled together with the supporting documents and the application fee.

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Processing delays may occur sometimes depending on the peculiarity of your case. Embassies may take longer to assess and process your application, especially when the application is less material documents or requirements or the embassy felt it necessary to interview the applicant. This will cause the old embassy processing time. But the British Embassy provide some explanations and information to it.

Fast-tracking of visa applications

Many have a mistaken belief that speeding up the processing of a UK visa application is possible. It is absolutely not true. After submitting the visa application and the documents relating to the British Embassy, visa officer will process the same follow their standard procedure and without the intervention of any individual or office, company or group. Visa processing may take a shorter or longer on a case by case basis and depending on the volume of UK visa applications.