Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chat Bots Achievable?

A website chatbot is a program used on the Internet to perform an online chat discussion, rather than giving direct human interaction with a real person. Chat Bots work by reading words that are typed into a bot's chat box. Once these conversations are started, the bot will repeat them indefinitely until the user clicks the "End" button. Chat Bots were first introduced in IRC, an Internet Relay Chat network.

Today, there are dozens of different chatbot services available. There are chat bot services for every topic under the sun, and many of these programs are free to use. However, there are also some programs that require payment in order to use them. Many businesses and individuals use chatbot services to save time and also to increase their chances of interacting with other users.

One of the more popular types of paid chatbot services is the "MyBot" program. MyBot is one of the most popular chatbot services. It can be downloaded for free, but requires that you install additional modules that allow it to be used with custom settings. These settings are what allow you to customize the way that your bot interacts with its users.

Most of the Chat Bot systems will have some sort of support system in place, such as FAQs or video tutorials. They generally will provide a step-by-step tutorial with detailed instructions on how to set up your bot or how to get it to behave in the manner that you would like it to. Most of the time these are videos, and in the case of MyBot, they are both live and recorded sessions. This has a very nice effect on the learning curve, you don't need to spend hours in front of your computer just to figure out how to use your new bot.

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary goals of the designers of chatbot software was to make them easy to use for everyone. This is one of the biggest problems with implementing chat bots in the real world. Because the designers didn't put too much effort into making them work, most end up simplified to the point where only the most basic user interaction is required. In this case, the user is usually left to handle a simple conversation with the bot, which does make using chat bots interesting, but not all that interesting.

I believe that it is because of this problem that most artificially intelligent chatbot programs fail. If you were able to program a website chatbot with the right set of instructions and input, it would probably do pretty well. However, we are not dealing with anything like that here. The designers of the chatbot software are trying to create a conversational bot, but we are dealing with a machine learning system here, and unfortunately, the bot can only learn from data provided by humans. It follows that if the bot was given enough data, it would eventually be able to fool its human trainers, which is why most artificially intelligent chatbot programs fail.

The problem lies in the fact that many artificially intelligent chatbot developers have not followed a series of instructions that would allow their bot to be "trained" to behave according to any set guidelines. For example, if it was supposed to greet its users by saying 'Hello, how are you?' then it would probably never catch on that it was supposed to say 'Good morning, how are you?'. Or it might be able to greet people by saying 'Good morning, how are you?' but if it was ever given a list of pre-programmed commands to say every day, then it might never catch on that those commands were to be followed.

So, is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot a good idea? In short, no. Just like a real person, chatbot cannot think for itself. Therefore, a good conversationalist or program (chatbird, chatbot, etc.) must be able to be taught a set of basic rules and behaviors in order to become efficient at acting in a human conversation. Otherwise, he will be nothing more than a glorified chatbot.