Importance of Leisure Course

Leisure is the free time one gets in the course of the day or after work for the day is over. In the hectic modern life of today, not everybody has time for leisure, and yet it is a very important part of life. "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" is very true in our modern civilization. Caught, as we are in a rat race, in this highly competitive, capitalist environment, it is all the more essential to get out of it for at least an hour or so and turn one's mind towards something else which is quite different from the daily grind of life.

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Leisure provides rest and relaxation to our mind and body. To turn one's mind to something else that one enjoys doing is a happy end to a day's hard work. One can then forget the tensions and pressures at one's place of work, and divert the mind in some creative and constructive manner. There are different ways of occupying one's leisure hours. One can engage in a hobby that one enjoys such as reading, gardening, stamp collecting, photography, social work, or anything else that one enjoys doing. Every such hobby enlightens the mind since one is always learning something new.

Reading broadens the outlook and often shows us a side of life that we have not been exposed to. Gardening, not only helps one to exert oneself physically but teaches one to appreciate the unique beauties of nature. Stamp-collecting arouses our interest in different countries and one learns a lot about them.

Photography enables one to be creative and social work gives immense satisfaction as one helps another to improve his life. Thus, every hobby provides a welcome relief from one's work. It is the one hour of the day when one can do what one has always wanted to do, but never finds the time to do in one's busy life.

In fact, even cleaning up one's cupboard which one has not done for a long time, can be an interesting experience. One comes across objects that one had considered lost and forgotten. Those objects might be linked to pleasant or unpleasant experiences and one can just sit and go down memory lane, which itself is a pleasurable experience.