NEBOSH International General Certificate

All work environments involve a certain degree of risk, especially when dealing with hazardous chemicals, electricity, heights, fire or other potentially hazardous aspects. 

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Health and safety prevention systems have been built for generations and are the reason why occupational accidents and diseases no longer exist. The best way to avoid accidents or injuries in the workplace is to follow appropriate health and safety procedures to reduce the risks associated with the task.

Regardless of the type of company you work for, it is important to ensure workers are not at risk just because they are doing their job. 

Health and safety is not only important in law enforcement and ethical responsibilities, but also makes business sense. Good health and safety at your company means you can reduce accidental damage, reduce absenteeism.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate Course is a standard award that helps organizations receive internationally recognized training. This course will help your company comply with international health and safety regulations so you can focus on how best to control workplace hazards. 

Students will learn many transferable skills that can help create and maintain a safe work environment.NEBOSH IGC is intended for companies operating outside the UK, as well as employees or managers of multinational companies. 

This certificate is internationally recognized and is intended specifically for managers, employee representatives and supervisors responsible for occupational health and safety. 

This certificate is internationally recognized and awarded by the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health, also known as NEBOSH.