Different Kinds Of Necklaces

There are more and more necklace designs on the market and it is getting harder to find a good quality necklace that fits our personality. Various types of womens necklaces are available in the market, both cheap and expensive. Of course, the most famous ones are necklaces made of various types of metals such as silver, gold, titanium … but there are also other metals called precious and semi-precious metals.

There are many factors to consider when buying jewelry. Gold necklaces speak of elegance when bought with other factors. However, for women who love classic styles, there are pearls that never go out of style. Apart from pearls and crystals, pendants with diamonds and precious stones on matching gold or silver chains are becoming increasingly popular, especially among the upper-middle class.

Firstly, necklaces and other jewelry which come from the Hip Hip style have increased in the last decade. Secondly, ethical and handmade necklaces because they are authentic and unique pieces. Even if there are several kinds of necklaces, we can classify the most famous:

o Layered, dual, or three-strand neck jewelry

o Chunky, oversized pieces

o Celebrity-inspired necklaces

o Delicate lariats or "Y's"

o New choker styles

o Crystal beads

o Three station and drop necklaces

o Natural beads and organic carvings

o Scalloped and collar neckpieces

o Long ropes/chains

o Colored gold

o Enamel and ceramic

Concerning the length of the necklaces, it depends on the woman. Indeed, some of them prefer long whereas others prefer short but the most popular length is worn loosely around the neck and falls slightly below the collar bone. Chokers lie tightly against the neck itself. Chains and pearls come in a great variety of lengths, allowing you to choose the look that you desire.