Get Leaving Cert Online At Home

Do you know any students in the Junior or Leaving Cert who need help studying? The Learning Academy might be a good option for them.

Students can access the online leaving certificate education platform from their homes, and they will receive hassle-free and affordable grinds.


Ireland's first virtual grinds school provides interactive, exam-focused grinds delivered in real-time from a virtual classroom.

Students enrolled in Junior or Leaving Certificates can learn at their own pace by taking part in live classes.

Students can also communicate anonymously with their teachers and have unlimited access to any previously recorded classes for revision.

Each topic is presented live in video format. (Excluding biology, which is a different system. See biology page). Our courses include worksheets and supplementary learning aids that provide additional support for students studying for the certificate exams. 

Live video lessons are taught by experts and cover all topics. Students can take the Leaving Cert Online course depending on whether they are available for the higher or more difficult level exam.

Contact your advisor if you are unable to register for classes at a school without an electronic system. Every student is assigned an advisor by the registration office. The advisor will help you complete your major, and offer any advice or guidance while you are at school. 

Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss how to register online. The advisor will usually assist you in registering for online classes right away and be a valuable resource to ensure you are taking the correct courses.