The Ultimate Guide To Swimming Pool Enclosures

They are exactly what their name suggests. They are more than just a fence. They are structures that completely enclose the pool, usually in large sheets of glass or polycarbonate.

The panels are held together by metal supports, which are usually made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Some high-end enclosures use wood for the frame. You can also buy the best pool enclosure for your pool via

The end result is something like an atrium that lets in a lot of sunlight, as opposed to a pool cover, pergola, or other barriers you might place over the pool.

Here are some benefits of pool enclosures:

Pool season extended

A swimming pool enclosure basically creates an indoor pool. They also trap heat and keep your pool more heated and comfortable in colder weather. Put up an enclosure and enjoy swimming in the fall or maybe even winter if you live in a cooler climate.

Reduced Evaporation

The main reason for water loss in pools is evaporation. The water will inevitably evaporate, but the swimming pool will lose water more quickly due to the wind. Pool enclosure takes the wind out of the equation, meaning you'll have to change and balance the pool water less frequently, which can save you money.

Legal Compliance

If you live in one of the places where a residential pool needs to be fenced, you can go ahead with that requirement with a pool enclosure. Be sure to check with your local coding agency or other government agency before starting any construction.