Check Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) describes anything that is worn on a person to reduce the risk of injury, although it can include extreme equipment such as explosive clothing or special items such as sports equipment. You can click on this link to look for all types of qualified PPE products.

This term is usually used to describe objects that are used in everyday life and industrial applications. The most common items are goggles, masks, gloves, and helmets, as well as various protective clothing against chemicals, heat, and dirt.

Most countries have some kind of PSA code, especially regarding what items must be provided in the work environment to maintain employee safety. This is a relatively new situation historically because very little protective equipment was provided before the mid-20th century, which caused many accidents and health problems. 

In many cases in developing countries there are still insufficient laws and resources, and ensuring that staff is adequately protected for the tasks they perform. PPE itself is usually subject to codes as well as the current international ISO coding standards. 

These codes ensure that the protective equipment is suitable for the job it deems fit. In general, these codes are used to make PPE safer and more reliable, and although modern materials and manufacturing techniques make much personal protective equipment cheap and readily available.