Benefits Of Children Skipping Rope

The reason you love jumping: children love the movement of jumping, not only develop well and healthily, but also their intelligence will increase. The following is a brief analysis of the benefits of jumping rope.

  • First, the more jumps, the better the cardiopulmonary function. Jumping rope can accelerate blood circulation and improve cardiopulmonary and respiratory function; accelerate gastric motility and metabolism; train the muscles of the main parts of the body; promote rapid bone growth; Wake up body and good mood. It is also a good option to buy professional skipping ropes online and best jump ropes from Splay (UK) limited.

children skipping rope

  • Neglect promotes "joint progress" on both sides of the brain. Jump rope limbs, arms, legs, wrists and shoulders work regularly and rhythmically to encourage the development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to develop a sense of balance, coordination, agility, rhythm, endurance and explosive power of the child's body. 

  • Understand the concept of numbers. Teach children to count while jumping to establish the correct relationship between counting "numbers" and jumping over numbers.This is useful for children's initial understanding of the true meaning of numbers, forming the concept of "numbers" and improving memory.

  • Jumping rope burns excess fat. If your child is overweight, jumping will easily help him burn excess body fat. The jump does not take up much space, it is easy to use.

In addition, there are many ways to jump rope, such as: such as: jump, barehanded jump, kangaroo jump, backward jump, jump, alternating leg jump, running while jumping, etc., encouraging the holistic development of children.