Steps to Being a Better Restaurant Customer

If you're a restaurant customer, there are a few things you can do to be a better patron and help the establishment make money.  First, it's important to understand how restaurants make money. They do so primarily through three channels: food sales, alcohol sales, and private parties or events. 

Second, try to be as prompt as possible when it comes to ordering and paying for your food. The faster you can turn your table, the more likely the restaurant is to make a profit off of you. Click here for more information regarding steps to being a better restaurant customer.


Third, avoid ordering items that are difficult or time-consuming to prepare. Stick to simple dishes that won't tie up the kitchen or waitstaff. Fourth, make sure you tip generously! Waitstaff relies heavily on tips to make a living wage, so be sure to leave them a good amount. 20% is standard, but if you had exceptional service, feel free to give a bit more. By following these tips, you can be a better restaurant customer and help ensure that the establishment stays in business.


In conclusion, restaurants make money by charging their customers for the food and drinks they consume. They also make money through other means such as liquor sales, catering, and merchandise. While some restaurants are more successful than others, all of them rely on these basic sources of revenue to stay in business.