How To Publish Your Own Book

There's no doubt that one of the most exciting things you can do as a writer publishes a book. So here I explain how you can actually publish your own book and make a lot of money from it. In the past, you had to find a publisher if you wanted to publish a book. But today new technology makes it possible and it is not very expensive to be a self-publisher and do it yourself.

Can Ordinary People Succeed in Self-Publishing a Book? Yes, you can! There's really no secret. You don't have to start a major publisher – you can do it part-time from home. All you need is a marketable subject, a good presentation, and determination. You can choose the top self-publishing services of books via

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Here are some basic guidelines for getting started with publishing your own book:

* Choose the subject of your book. Nonfiction books are much better suited for self-publishing than fiction. Because they are sold at a higher price and usually not as much as novels etc.

* Research. Look for competing titles and find out how you can improve yours. Look up the sales figures for these books to see if they sell well or not. Bribe. Take a look at Amazon to see what similar titles are out there and find out how popular or unpopular they are by looking at their Amazon ratings. 

* You can save money by doing as much as you can yourself. You need a printer. But also do as much as you can and the only freelance and buy the extra services you need. You can even write your own book using software like Adobe Publisher. Use a freelance editor/corrector to edit your book and a freelance designer to create great covers. 

* Decide in what format you want to publish your book, for example, hardcover or paperback. Check out the competitor's book for some ideas. Paperbacks may not look as attractive as hardcovers, but they cost only a quarter.