Carpenter Bees – Get Rid of Those Pesky Buggers

One day I was sitting in my front seat and noticed a pile of new sawdust under the perfectly round holes in the panels around my garage window. "Honey, did you drill a hole in here for some reason?" I called my husband.  If you are looking for the best information about pesky buggers management services then you may visit here

Carpenter Bees - Get Rid of Those Pesky Buggers

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Why would someone have to punch holes in our window frames? That doesn't make any sense. We scratched our heads and my husband filled the holes with wood putty, painted them, and forgot about them.

Damn if that sawdust hole doesn't appear again in the next few days. This time we just looked further and found here that the hole was not drilled and a little bit. No, this hole was drilled by a bee! It's a carpenter bee.

But in the weeks that followed, we found tiny holes, the same size, perfectly drilled everywhere – from the walls of the house to the decks – from the plaster on the front door to the squares on the back windows.

Carpenter bees look like regular bees, except that they have a glossy black underside. Although men can tell that they are aggressive and territorial, only women can sting. Carpenter bees burrow into trees, forming long tunnels with a hive or beehive at the end.

The growing network of tunnels and nests can greatly affect the strength and appearance of the wood in your home.

And because they love to return to where they were born, bred, and out of control for several seasons, your home could be besieged by many generations of carpenter bees who will return to you for the annual family reunion.