Different Types of Filling Machines

The filling machine is mainly a small branch in the packaging machine. It can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and particle filling machine in material packaging. The powder filling machine is suitable for the quantitative filling of powder materials such as pesticides, additives, starches, spices and feed.

It uses spiral feed and light control technology, which realizes different quantitative values based on the number of turns of the cutting spiral. You can look for capsule filling & loader machines online.

The volumetric method ensures the specific weight of the material, improves the smoothness of the material, fills the measuring spiral completely and improves the accuracy of the packaging.

Liquid filling machines cover a wide range of applications including atmospheric pressure filling machines, pressure filling machines, vacuum filling machines and automatic quantitative liquid filling machines. This tool is often used for daily necessities, cosmetics and other industries and can be filled with various liquids that are very viscous.

The particle filling machine is suitable for packing small bags in medicine, food, chemicals, pesticides, etc. This tool is suitable for making fine particles from medicinal granules, sugar, coffee, fruit, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, grains, hair dryers and other manufacturers. It uses intelligent microcomputer control and high-precision sensors to keep dosing accuracy high.

Paste filling machines use compressed air as power to fill thick liquids. This kind of equipment is the best product chosen by the cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, adhesive industry, shoe industry and other related industries.