The 5 Step Process for Commercial Stone Restoration

Commercial stone cleaning is inherently different from home cleaning. The area for stone cleaning is expected to be larger and economic precautions should be taken into account. This may require you to have services from a commercial stone restoration company. Make sure that the expert you choose is equipped with years of experience and knowledge.

What do you need to know about the stone restoration process?


A full inspection of your pavement will be carried out. The company you choose will discuss process limitations and this will give you the opportunity to discuss your work commitments, time limits and budget.


At the beginning of the work, the skirting boards and walls are completely protected. All dry matter and particles such as soil, dirt and dust are removed and the area is prepared for the recovery process.


Here the technical properties and awareness of this complex process determine the final result.


Rotary cleaning machine then mix the cleaning solution. The hand-operated machine cleans hard-to-reach areas and ensures that the effective restoration result extends smoothly over the stone tiles.


This is a mandatory part of the recovery process; Attempts were made to apply a special seal of masonry to the tiles. It provides protection against liquid spills, ensuring a long lasting stone restoration process.

Traditional knowledge combined with modern technological advances offers great results without risk.