The Facebook Chat Bots

Facebook Messenger Bot (a.k.a. Facebook chat Bots) basically generates instant text messages between online users automatically. Chat Bots are software programs that reside in Facebook and immediately interact with the real-time user on Facebook Messenger, contributing to group discussion and product or service promotions.

Users can assign codes to their Facebook profile which activate various functions like sending a quick answer or leaving a comment. For instance, a Facebook chatbot named Facebook Chatfuel can be set to automatically respond to a text card with a one-line explanation of the inquiry written on the text card. If the inquiry is not understood, a simple "Sorry" statement from the bot can provide an appropriate response. This bot can be activated for any number of Facebook applications, not just groups or conversations on Facebook's fan page.

Facebook Hootsuite bot is very popular among business owners. In Facebook's system of groups, chat bots can be set to perform specific functions. One popular use is as a group creator. These bots can easily create new groups, specify a name, invite friends to join, specify a logo or avatar, specify the duration of the group's membership, and much more. This is similar to the Facebook Group Privacy Controls. However, unlike Group Privacy Controls, these chats do not store information about members' activity on their profiles, but only what is said in the chat.

In addition to group creation, Facebook Chatbot integrates with Hootsuite. Users can choose from a wide variety of tools to help them manage their accounts, including managing multiple email accounts, managing the inbox, comments, and tagging, managing bookmarks, and so much more. The Hootsuite account integration also allows users to search for conversations on Facebook that have the same keywords and tags that are already present in the Hootsuite account.

Facebook Fan Page is constantly looking for more ways to interact on the site. Bots built by Facebook allow fans to chat with each other while following favorite celebrities or events on Facebook. If you are a fan of a certain athlete, musician, or actor, it is easy to get the latest news on these individuals. Just search for a celebrity on the Facebook bot, click "chat with", and then add your friend to your Facebook Fan Page. Bots built by Facebook integrate with the Hootsuite fan page, allowing fans to follow the discussions on Facebook.

Facebook Text Card is another way that Facebook Messenger Bot can help you. With the Facebook text card, you can input a few short lines of text, and then have them appear as a card like any other card on Facebook. All the chatbot does is open the text card when someone wants to chat and then closes it after the conversation is over. You can specify how many characters should be shown on the next card.

MySpace and Facebook's biggest social network is also a place where you can do business. Bots built by Facebook work in conjunction with the MySpace messaging system, allowing you to post messages and receive responses from friends on MySpace. However, because MySpace also includes an instant messenger program, the Facebook chatbot can also be used for this purpose.

Bot integration with Hootsuite inbox allows users to create and manage groups, make friends, and so much more. Facebook cutbacks are integrated into the system through the use of plugins. These are easy to install and uninstall. One example of a popular plugin is one that allows users to post videos from Facebook onto their MySpace pages. Because of its ease of use and wide variety of uses, it is no surprise that many companies are choosing to integrate with Facebook chat bots.