Top Exercises for Cellulite Reduction

Getting rid of the cellulite in your body can be a challenging process. However, if you know how to get it done right and if you keep at it, your efforts will pay off in the end. If you want to get the information about cellulite reduction supplements then hop over to this website.

The thighs are usually the area where cellulite appears for most women, but with exercise, you can definitely reduce its impact. Some overall weight loss is usually necessary to reduce cellulite.

You not only will need to shed some pounds, but also strengthen the muscles in your thighs to make them firmer.

In order to achieve this, you will need to do a combination of different exercises. Here are the top exercises for cellulite reduction:


Since cellulite is often found in the thigh area, lunges are great for minimizing its appearance. While doing this exercise, keep your chest high and your hamstrings and abdominal muscles contracted, then hold this position for five seconds.

Repeat 12 times (or as often as you can in the beginning), and then switch legs. Make sure to breathe properly while doing the lunges, because proper breathing will help you last longer and complete the set.


To lose weight overall, you will need to do some cardiovascular exercise to get your heart rate up. An increased heart rate is an indication that you're burning more calories.

You can choose to swim, run, or cycle, but the most recommended form of cardio that will help with cellulite reduction is brisk walking. Besides, it's the easiest and most natural form of exercise there is. And don't be fooled into thinking that walking isn't "intense" enough to do the job.