Used Pallet Racking Might Be Right For You

For many businesses, the best pallet rack comes in the form of used double deep pallet racking. Used pallet racking can save your business thousands of dollars. It is also considered green recycling. Pallet racks are often cost-effective to buy second-hand due to new technology or changes in industry and distribution techniques. A used pallet rack that was previously appropriate for some businesses may be largely overkilling for a different business. For example, a physician's office would not need to store as much product as a big box retail operation.

Double Deep Pallet racking might be the answer to space problems, high-density storage and productivity needs. Pallet racking is more cost-effective than new construction and can offer your business excellent space management capabilities.

Double deep pallet racks operate on the same principle as single deep racks, except that they have a second row of racking directly behind the first one. As such, they take up no extra space than traditional racking, but they allow you to store twice as much stock. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses who want to save on storage space without having to move into a larger facility.

Double Deep Pallet Racking Might Be Right For You

Double deep pallet racking is a storage system designed for high-density storage. It uses two rows of racking placed back-to-back, where the second row of racks is offset from the first and accessed using a special forklift called a reach truck, which can operate in narrow aisles. This design makes better use of warehouse space than standard pallet racking since it allows for up to twice as many pallets to be stored in the same floor area. The design also makes it possible to stack pallets two deep in each rack position.

The offset design of double deep racking means that you must use special forklifts to access the second row of pallets. These forklifts are typically equipped with long forks that can extend into both rows, allowing them to pull the pallet from the rear row while picking up or putting down a pallet in the front row. They are also equipped with "side shifters," which allow them to slide the forks sideways to compensate for any small errors in positioning when putting down or picking up a load. This eliminates much of the need for precise placement when operating these systems.

3 Reasons To Buy Used Double Deep Pallet Racking (And How To Get Them)

If you're looking to expand into a larger warehouse, or are simply just looking to redesign your current facility to make it more efficient, then installing double deep pallet racking is the way forward. Doing so allows you to store twice as much stock in the same space, and also means you'll be able to access your products far more easily. If you've never heard of double deep pallet racking before or are still unsure about whether it would be right for your business, here's a look at three reasons why installing it could help your business flourish.

1. High Efficiency – Double deep pallet racks are an effective solution to high-density storage needs. By cutting your length of aisles in half, you can increase your effective storage space by as much as 50%.

2. Low Cost – Used Double Deep Pallet Racking is an excellent option when you're looking to save on costs without sacrificing quality. Double deep racking provides a low-cost alternative to selective racks, and it will give you the same benefits. It's also a lot less expensive than drive-in rack and push-back rack systems, and it will give you the same results.

3. Versatility – Double deep pallet racking is used for a wide variety of applications, including cold storage and food distribution. Traditional double deep rack systems use lift trucks with extended forks, but they can be used with specialized forklifts that are able to reach the second level of the rack system.