What Are The Two Main Types Of Anxiety That You Must Know?

There are many different anxiety disorders, but we’re going to discuss four of the main types in this article. Other disorders related to anxiety that we won’t go into as much detail about include OCD, PTSD, separation anxiety, and agoraphobia. 

Generalized anxiety disorder

This is the most common anxiety disorder, and GAD is often what people mean when they say they have anxiety. People with GAD feel anxious and worried most of the time, not necessarily as a result of being in a stressful situation. If you are also experiencing any kind of stress in your life due to any reason, then it would be highly advised to get therapy for anxiety and depression.

They often expect the worst-case scenario and find it hard to control these negative feelings.

This anxiety is enough to have a negative impact on their regular lives, as it causes uncontrollable worry that can make them unable to focus on what they’re meant to be doing. It can also cause problems with relationships, sleeping, eating, and work. 

Social anxiety

Social anxiety or social phobia is a disorder that causes an intense fear of being in social situations and performing in front of others. Even in normal situations that wouldn’t normally cause worry, someone with social anxiety might fear being laughed at, humiliated, attacked, or judged by others.

They might feel very uncomfortable being in large groups of people or being stuck with people they don’t know very well.

Some of the most common scenarios where social anxiety might strike include meeting new people, dating, public speaking, starting conversations, and eating in front of people. Some of these things might sound nerve-racking, while some might not, but for someone with social anxiety, they can all feel traumatic.