What is an Osteopath?

Osteopaths are Allied Health professionals who specialize in treating the muscles and skeletal system. You can visit manahealthclinic.com.au/services/osteopathy/ to get the best osteopaths service in Busselton online.

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Osteopaths believe that if the correct combination of manual treatments such as massage and manipulation of muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons are used to bring the body back to a cohesive whole, the body may heal itself.

The osteopath also examines the shoulder and spine and pelvis to determine if it is in a symmetrical position. After the initial consultation, the osteopath will formulate a treatment plan specifically for the patient if they believe that osteopathy is a suitable treatment.

If the osteopath decides that osteopathic treatments are not appropriate for the patient, they may recommend the patient to their GP for the referral to an osteopath surgeon or suggest that the patient consult the dentist or physiotherapist.

Different methods can be utilized to treat osteopathic conditions like techniques for pumping, such as traction stretching techniques, manipulations, methods for releasing muscle energy such as counterstain or high velocity with low amplification.

Osteopaths generally deal with patients complaining of headaches, back pain sciatica, neck pain, injury from repetitive stress (RSI) as well as joint pain, asthma menstrual, and pregnancy-related issues.

An osteopath could be in a position to treat chronic fatigue, as well as injuries from sports and arthritis. Numerous other ailments could be treated with an osteopath. Osteopaths can treat a diverse spectrum of patients, ranging from young children to the elderly.